music colors my world

The two things I have always loved most were Art & Music. In this gallery, I was able to find and appreciate pieces that I connected with. 

This beautiful violin stands out at first glance because of the intensity in its color. A rich contrast of some shade of red orange.
I love the hard core dark feel to this. It's so deep into its gold tones.
My favorite piece out of the entire gallery. I love when artists can capture moments and leave the viewer wondering what happened. A white empty room with a lovely piano and pieces scattered.
The colors here are so gentle. A variety of colors but at the same time they come off suddle.
First look at this and an image that explains me to the fullest. It's so full of energy and vibrant.
This piece reminds me of Lomography. A style designed for editing images to an extreme. The colors and detail are at it's highest.
Quiet piece. The natural light is peeking in to the room. Her red dress stands out the most to me.
Abstract feel but so simple. Less is more and I see that in this piece. The mix between browns and beige are so well put together.
Absolutely love this. The UK has always been a special place to me. The flag and it's fierce red and blue is breathtaking.
The gold is the center piece. In every way, your eye immediately focuses on the piano and it's details.
This one is a beauty. Makes you feel like a kid again. The wonders of color in one piece. The blue background is so strong with the quiet-ness of yellows and reds.
The vintage feel is genius. Not so intense with color but the shades and shadows are a main factor.
Another saturated piece. The golds, blue and light pinks are key. Even the density in the black out background.
The little girl on the floor stands out the most to me. Her beautiful light blue gown and golden crown.
Extremely detailed, from the strings to the shape of this instrument. Dark brown with a hint of off whites in between.
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