Path traced through Pink

Dog Soul, at first it might seem like a random work of street art, but when you observe it, it can be so deep. My favorite part about this peace is how the soul is represented in purple and pink.
The serenity and naturalism represented in this piece is outstanding, complemented by the muted pink shades.
The fact that the child's eyes are open as he lays dead is especially intriguing. The pink bow represents the innocence of the child, as he is dressed as a saint.
The line perspective in this work feels perfect, the pink shades of the buildings gives live to this otherwise somber atmosphere.
The pink in 'Muse on Pegasus' gives it a playful feeling, mixed with the other lively colors, it makes it feel like a dream.
When you zoom in, the strokes may seem childlike, like a mess, but when you zoom out and see the big picture, it is inspiring the work of art that these strokes produced, with pink highlights all over
Weirdly enough, the different shapes comprising the sky reminds me of 'Starry Night'. The shades of pink and blue to create the shadows, and yellows and oranges to create highlights it's brilliant.
Preston uses pink to create the shadows and blush in her face, complemented by the pink undertones in the bricks behind her.
A hard profile angle on the subject makes this painting unique, with pink as the overall hue.
A strange scene to paint, yet intriguing. Dark, with a brown overall hue and pink undertones.
The fact that the picture is called Sinner in masculine form, with such feminine hands and posture, makes you want to stare. It seems as though a bright pink light is pointed towards the subject.
This street art piece adds a lot of depth by layering different shades of pink symbols, one over the other.
What we interpret as brown in the tree trunks, are actually blues and pinks reflected from the light and red leaves on the floor.
The pinks, and light pastel colors in this painting instantly bring joy and peace of mind to whoever sets their eyes upon it.
The contrast between the dancing girl, and the woman in the foreground is highlighted with the cleaner and brighter pinks in the woman's dress.
Credits: All media
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