This art gallery exhibition explores the different artworks that depict different representations of the natural environment, the mountains. It shows the good, the bad, the pretty and the ugly side of the mountain while exploring the different views artists have of this environment. This art exhibition provides an adventure for its audience to take a closer look at the different people, flora and fauna present in mountains while also looking at the colours used to express the feelings of mountains. Each artist has their own opinion expressed in their artwork through the colour, technique and material used. Throughout the artworks you will also see many cultural influences that the artists include in their work. I chose this them of the Different Aspects of the Mountain as I am intrigued by these wonderful gifts of nature. Not only that, but I love the variety of artworks that are made to express the different perspectives of the mountain. Hope you enjoy this amazing exhibition!

(Structural Frame) This artwork is a painting and it consists of dull and bleak colours that are used in order to represent that it is night time. The artist has used very smooth texture for the sky and background but the actual mountain has very rough lines showing the roughness of mountains. The tone in the painting helps make our three dimensional imagery of the mountain easier to picture.
(Subjective Frame) I really like the glass paperweight as it is really pretty and elegant. It reminds me of my grandmas old vase which she placed flowers in the vase that were white and yellow like the flowers on the glass paperweight. This paperweight is my subjective frame as I have an opinion of it and I have an experience or memory that I can relate to it.
(Cultural Frame) This is a photograph of a native in the mountains of Brazil. It can show the culture of those native people and we can see from the background and the persons facial features that he is not like a normal person you would see walking around at the shops. You can tell that a tradition in their culture would be to pierce their ears and stick things through it. The trees and bush in the background can also show that this man is not in our cities.
(Post- Modern Frame) This sculpture is an installation. It is made from wrap, sello tape, air pump and time. This is an post-modern frame as it is not only an installation but can be something that people experience nowadays. I interpret that this design is expressing that waves can be so ferocious that sometimes they can seem as big as mountains.
Winter Night in the Mountains, by Harold Sohlberg 1914. (Script) Winter Night in the Mountain is a brilliant artwork. This artwork mainly consists of the colour blue and has some white and black added as well. As you can see, the main focus of the artwork are the colossal mountains. The brush strokes on the mountain are quite rough but have a smooth and calm look to it which can represent the snow. There is tone used on the mountain as it is lighter at the top of the mountain and the darkness travels down to the ground. The night sky also has been painted with tone getting darker as it travels further away from the moon. The tone gives it a 3 Dimensional look. The lines used for the tree trunks are very thick and dark but the details on the trees showing the thin branches are very thin lines. The shapes used are irregular shapes. As you can see the mountains are rough and have no defined shape. The meaning behind the artwork may be from the artists past experiences. Harold Sohlberg was a Norwegian from Norway and in Norway it snows a lot in the winter. So this artwork reflects Sohlbergs home town. This artwork is magnificent as the colours used are intriguing and the way the artwork is structured really draws attention to it. It is good that Sohlberg had incorporated his own background. Hope you like it!
I am Walking in the Clouds on the Mountain, by Kim Yun Soo, 2011 (Script) I am Walking in the Clouds on the Mountain is a beautifully designed vinyl sculpture. It is blue and the tips are transparent. The design consists of three jagged mountain looking sculptures. The artwork looks very smooth along the faces of the design which represents the soft feeling we imagine clouds to be like. The artist Kim Yun Soo, wanted to design with vinyl in the shape of a footprint. Yun Soo Kim tried to express her opinions of how she believes that people in today's society want more from this world. She expresses that through this sculpture, it can represent that people feel like they can walk on clouds which is impossible, but humans yearn for the things that can never become reality. Kin Yun Soo has done an amazing job with expressing her view on today's society and has done an amazing job on designing this elegant sculpture. Hope you Enjoy!
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