Braylon Thompson's Art Project Exhibition

These few pieces of art are selected because they grab my attention in ways others can't.

Being well educated with the Han Dynasty of China, I was automatically drawn to this piece of art. In this screen, Liu Bei is seen paying a third visit to Zhuge Liang.
Scarlet Ibises are my favorite birds due to their vibrant red feathers, which is my favorite color. The fact that the Egyptians had a sculpture made for these birds astonishes me.
This piece of art gives a very calm and safe vibe. With Jesus Christ holding up two fingers, signifying blessing and angels surrounding him, gives me a sense of security.
I like seeing subtle abstract artwork. The concept is not to fully understand the context, but worry more on the focal point. In this instance, the focal point is the man at the bottom of the piece.
I like this piece because it gives you a sense of direction. Everyone is looking off to the left, but if you take a minute to scan, you'll see that the mother and daughter are looking directly at us.
The art piece gives you a sense of how life was without the electronics we have today. I can imagine the people of this time having nothing to do but make silly games outside.
Here is another subtly abstract art piece, where the focal point is the figure in the middle and trying to figure out whether it is a human or a bird of some sort.
This photograph really amazes me because I didn't know such animals could jump so high. To capture this picture at the most perfect moment is beautiful art.
Credits: All media
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