Music History as an Art

The theme of this gallery is how music and art can coincide with each other. Since the beginning of time from medieval to renaissance to modern times art has played a part in musicianship and music genres. It also plays a big part in instruments. It has represented through fashion/clothing from musicians such as Prince, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix etc. It also played a major part in different times of history such as wars, civil rights, the times in the 70's when people talked of revolution, hippy days, and many more. Art doest just have to be a painting but it can be a solid figure. 

This is a type of phonograph record player that was invented in 1877. The photo produces a black and white exterior. The way is it is built is a form of art and style. There is balance due to the position of how the player is position to the middle.
This is a photograph of the Royal College of in music in 2014. In the photo you can see various instruments such as the harp and piano. You can even see the presence of photos of pictures of people on the wall. They look like photos mad in the Rennassiance era. They were most likely musicians themselves or just on the wall to bring out the decorations of the instruments.
This is a photo of a 3 valve french horn cornet by Charles Sax. Shape and space are shown in here by the instruments position. Its round structure creates balance. This was one of the first invention in the 1800's with 3 valves.
This is a black and white photo of country singer Hank Williams. This photo shows the balance and also oe class and style of his clothes. From the suit to the boots. Another period where fashion and art came together. Brings out balance the way the lighting is hitting with the shadow in the background.
This is the Solti Hall where music performances where held. It is a cathedral type hall.You can see the chandeliers and the mosaic type art of patterns around the walls. Some music performer were religious.
This is an image of someone yelling or screaming. The slight color of the red stands out on the white. The teeth and the capital "GRRRL" show emphasis and attract some viewers. I would put this image with the theme of Rock and Roll.There are some people hidden behind the main view.
This is a video of an indian woman playing and singing indian style music. The colors are very vibrant.THere is variety within the colors as they connect with each other. Another form in music with indian art.
This is a sculpture of Michael Jackson. IT has the same type of pattern and material through out the culture. You can see the sliced spaces through out. The solid changes the shape throughout. You can tell this is a movement.
This is an object/creation of Elvis Presely. The artist uses different material but the balance is proportioned.Itvis not very bright but you can focus on the hair to put emphasis on the fact that it it elvis and the style of that time which included style and fashion. The deep black eyes stand out.
This is a work of art of four musicians with wind instruments. There is an antiqueness about it. There are lots of line and curve structure that connect with each other. There is a sense of realism and proportion. It could have been at a time of war.
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