So Many Details

This exhibition shows the works of Frida Kahlo. Each piece has a story behind it that I included within the text box. I have chose random paintings throughout her years alive that have somewhat of an interesting back story. 

Frida used this painting as a token of love and a way to get her lover back. She sent it to her lover with a note saying, "...I implore you to put it in a low place where you can see it as if you were looking at me." The painting actually worked and they got back together until he had to move.
This painting shows a man who was known for growing unusual vegetable/fruit hybrids. His "roots" are being fed by his corpse. This shows Frida's favorite theme: "fertilization of life by death."
Frida was pregnant for the second time and almost went full term with the baby. Sadly, she had a life threatening miscarriage and was not able to finish her painting due to all the pain she was having. It shows what would have happened if the baby lived.
Frida felt separated from her mother when the family hired a nurse to breastfeed her. The connection between her and the nurse was distant and cold. The nurse was just doing her job.
This painting shows the death of a child whose parents refused to get medical help. The three year old boy eventually died from a disease. It was a Mexican tradition to memorialize a dead child and Frida did so for her friend.
This is a portrait of the grandmother of a man who would buy her paintings. He asked her to paint his family and Frida made his grandma look so realistic. This painting was one of her favorites.
With the many surgeries and illnesses Frida had, she was put on bed rest and force fed. This painting shows what she went through. Her arms seemed pinned under the covers showing she had no hope.
At the top are both of Frida's grandparents, underneath that are her parents. In the center at the bottom is Frida with her two older sisters to the right of her. On the left is her younger sister. The three children that were never finished is a mystery,bit some seem to believe that they are either her young sisters children or the children that she never had due to miscarriages.
This painting shows Frida's father as a young man, although she painted it ten years after his death. He was a photographer so she used the brown tones that he used to use in his pictures.
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