Harmony In Nature

I chose to do the topic "Harmony" for this gallery. That is a very big topic so I narrowed in not harmony in nature/natural harmony. The majority of the picture happen to be water color. The pictures show nature working together, people working nature, ect.. The pictures showed with the descriptions with the distortions I wrote should explain the rest. I hope you enjoy this gallery. 

I chose the painting "Sir Guyon the Palmer Attending Tempted by..." for my harmony gallery is because I am focusing on natures harmony. it fits in because it us very pretty when I think of harmony in nature it makes me think of like the pretty parts of the nature and all good parts of nature.
I chose "Cha-atl, field with pole" is because there are several totem poles ane totem poles normaly have to do with african american triebes. This photo shows several differnt totem poles and they are together and that represents in this gallery.
This picture fits into my gallery because it is a picture of nature and it is pretty. The pretty part represents the harmony part and the nature part represents the nature part obviously. In the pictures a lot of them show still water witch is when the water is the quitest and quite is normaly very put together.
I chose this picture because the color skeem works very well together. The picture is is not as much incorperated but it looks good with the gallery.
This picture "Harvesting" goes with my gallery, because with the title harvesting kind of tells about how people and nature work together and how nature can help people. The picture also shows harmoney because it shows people working togerher.
The picture "Conway Castle, North Wales" goes with Harmony because it shows after discord has happened more looking it can still harmonise and look pretty. The picture is looked at as harmony in a different way then most of the pictures in this gallery.
The picture "skagway from End of Wharf- Cold Wind- Ugh!" is because it shows still water and there is nothing having to rush against the current.The picture is also many of the pictures in this gallery has many cool colors that blend well and help show harmony.
The picture "At Naiserelangi, from Ratu Jonii Mandraiwiwi's "Yavu," because It shows two islands but they are near each other. The way that symbolizes how two places may not be the same are still there for each other and they can work in harmony.
The art work "Haida Totems, Cha-at, Queen Charlotte Island" can be looked at as harmony in many ways. One way you would have seen earlier in this gallery here is another. This symbolize harmony because it would have taken people to work in harmony with the nature that they use to make the totem poles.
This picture "One of the falls on the Apsley" goes with harmony because it shows how the mountains have made room for the waterways and how it can create something beautiful out of natural harmony in nature.
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