Flash to the Past

I see an artistocratic picture of Alexander Hamilton. The picture gives off a vibe of aristocracy and i like how they show his face and his calm expression more than his actual body which blends in.
In this picture i see A mother and Son sitting down looking at the painter. This picture focuses on the people in the picture than the actual background. The colors are majorly light around the person
This picture shows George Washington in a portrait. This picture focuses on his firm stance and how he is motioning twoards the table which something important is there.
Julia Lambert in 1814 drawn by thomas sully is a basic portrate of a woman that has some type of wealth. The background as usual is darker than the person but her cloths are black.
This picture shows hows Henry Clay in 1842 how rich and sophisticated he looks. The turtle neck is usually worn by artists and sophisticated people and they way he composes himself is very high.
This looks more calmed down, but still very aristocratic. The frame really gives off a warm mood, and the flowers show the appreciation to nature and Romanticism.
This is a picture of James Madison in 1816. This is a very serious picture, in which he looks at the painter with dead serious eyes, which says he is serious at that he does. The white contrasts with the black
This pictures shows two women dancing and how one of them looks at the painter with a high and mighty vibe. They look like their having fun and their dresses show that they are part of nobility.
This is a picture of James Monroe in 1819. this picture shows a man thats looking away from the painter contemplating thoughts in his head. The white on his shirt sticks out from the picture and you can see this in most of the photos. He looks sophisticated and thoughtful
This is a photo of William Henry Harrison in 1813. This photo is different from the other ones by him having a weapon and his clothing. By the color it looks like he is in high command and that he looks very sure of his skill.
This is more of a Romanticism approach, and how its not focused on people, instead it is focused on the fruits and the gift of nature. The reddish colors blend in with a darker background and the more light yellow colors blend in with a warmer background.
This is another photo of a bowl of fruit. This shows the warm rich color of the fruit and the dark cold color of the background. automatically the person focuses on the fruit since it is directing in the middle.
This is a photo of Issac Avery in 1821. This photo shows that he is a very smart man holding a book and they way he positions himself on the chair. Judging by his type of clothing he belongs in nobility and not many people back then know how to read
this is compleatly a photo that shows the beauty of nature in the Romanticism times. It shows a beautiful sunset and doesnt show shows any people in the photo at all. It focuses on how huge the mountains are and the sunlight in the background outlining the trees
This picture shows the beauty of nature all around us and the rich green colors of the trees and the yellowish background that gives a warm vibe for the background. You can barely see the persons there and it shows more effect on the nature around it.
This photo is a sculpture of George Washington. It gives off a aristocratic vibe and shows that he is serious with the future of this country.
This is a sculpture of Pies VI Braschi. This picture shows that a aristocratic man looking at the distance viewing something. His cloths are very nice and he belongs in nobility.
This sculpture is different from the other ones because i see fear in the boy or girls eyes. It is titles winter and you can see him shivering and trying to mask himself from the cold. It is made from a bronzish color that gives it some sort of warmth.
This photo is Petalesharro a Pawnee chef of 1822. This photo shows a native american and how different their tastes are from ours. We go with the more darker clothing while they reveal and go light.
This is a photo of a woman that looks like she is thinking of something important and her clothing is red which is unusual for people back then. She looks rich with her clothing and her posture.
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