a hint of color - Mohammad Khan

This gallery focuses on Minimalism Art that incorporates as little color as possible because as a Design student the current trend I see in the digital world around me is of subtle beauty. Many of the user interfaces for current apps offer a declutter, simple, and sleek design to help the user's train of thought breathe. I want to explore the history of this art style, which I believe begins from the 1960s. I also want to show to people that the stereotypical definition of art is far from the broad spectrum the culture of art embraces.

Anne Truitt was a protégée of art critic Clement Greenberg. Which is a big deal because Greenberg was one of the first published critics to praise the work of painter Jackson Pollock. So Truitt's roots were complete chaos and abstract art, yet she worked within an extremely limited set of variables throughout her five-decades as an artist.
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