Glamour Women -           (rolphe Miceus)

This gallery includes figures of some Trojan and strong beautiful women in different period of time. In one side, some are portraits of real person and in the other side, just the painter inspiration or vision of imaginary person.

An Impressionist style of love portrait, which depicts a glamour and lovely violet color. The title of this art seems to be not too appropriate and confuse some viewers. But the “violet” back then was a term used for flowering the viola genus, a total species of 550, different each one to another.
An oil portrait of the Chinese vividness style, featured with pattern precision of porcelain, robes and kimono. La Princesse du pays de la porcelain, as is original French title, depicts a variety of decorative design of the daughter of Michael Spartali a Greek ancestry who later rejected this portraits of her daughter Christina Spartali.
Painted right after a tragic accident, which left her unable to give birth, the broken column is a self-portrait of the Mexico’s most famous woman painter Frida Kahlo. The metallic right in the middle of the body in this painting depicts her pain, life experiences and the self-love she had for her own self no matter the situation she was facing.
Heirloom as indicated is a valuable object or piece that is owned by a group or a family for many years and passed from one generation to another. This portrait depicts the passion and love of a gardener woman. That can be the first generation of the heirloom tomatoes. Within the same image a woman in a red circle, a symbol of energy that enhance her metabolism.
This Impressionism painting of this young lady deemed serious and punctual, became the favorite model of Pierre Auguste Renoir between 1875 and 1879. Nicknamed savagely “fish face”, Portrait of Nini Lopez is a traditional form of art that depicts new techniques and a great emphasis for the treatment of color and light.
This Painting is a combination form of a song called Alegrias born in Cadiz in the middle of XIX century, a professional dance called Flamenco that originated between the 9th and 14th centuries, and an instrumental playing most likely with guitar. This is a Great composition of colors to appeal the viewer’s attention that depicts humor, love and passion.
A nice place to work is the reflect of Eileen Monaghan Whitaker, painted in 1989 as her instinct and passion to work using colorful subjects to learn and studying people. This colorful and very contrast painting depict her mirror of love for a place she tend to work and the reflection of her memories.
Photography colored with oil by Frida Kahlo is a self-portrait painted in 1926 for her boyfriend, the muralist Diego Rivera who later broke up with her; in this art she defined the sea in the background as a symbol of life which depict the emotions of her upside down relationship.
This painting by Fujishima in 1908-1909 called Black Fan was a tendency to enhance specific colors such as blue, black and pink. This image of a woman evoke some sort of Spanish style of the making of art using colors for contrast and light for emphasis. Black fan depicts highly a well-balanced composition and a harmonious used of colors.
Panel is one of the most common paint by Julio Romero de Torres from 1912. Julio chooses women as his main subjects to paint, sometimes nude but for this painting they are not nude but for the color he used and the mood that he addressed, this images still depict a sort of a deep sensuality.
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