Egyptian art gallery

By: Matt Collins

The Scarab Ring, while being incredibly stunning, is an incredible piece of Egyptian history. The Scarab Ring is currently being held in the Pforzheim Jewelry Museum. The ring is made of solid gold and incredibly beautiful. The creator of this work of art is currently unknown. It is a shame, the person who made this should be honored.
The Oliphant, is an elderly piece of art that was made in the shape of an elephant trunk. The artwork is made of solid Ivory, which at the time was one of the most precious metals in Ancient Egypt. The Oliphants creater is currently unknown.
The Red Granite Lion of Amenhotep III, was origionally created as a guardian for a king. Lions are used to show power and respect all things that need to be around a king. Later on the king was killed and the lion was taken away and used as a figure to repect gods.
This beauty of art was origionally created as a decoration for the kings workspace. It was created to have several patterns and to stun anyone who see`s it.
The head of the God Osiris sculpture was created to honor the God Osiris. The pieces creater to this day is still unkown. It is also being held in the Brooklyn Museum.
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