The Balance Of Symetry

Motherboards show the advantages of symmetry, creating order and and balance to reach a goal or message.
The use of identical sculptures create a symmetry. This sculpture creates perfect balance with the use of Atlas resting on another Atlas an the peak of a pyramid.
This sculpture illustrates symmetry by using vertical symmetry at the center of this animal. The Symmetry creates a smooth shape and feel to the sculpture.
A perfect use of symmetry, this graffiti mural uses symmetry to create this sureal but believable creature.
This is an amazing mural that uses symmetry to crate an illusion of depth. Its an an interesting work of art to look at.
Textiles are filled with symmetry to create patterns and designs to create a finished work of art.
This textile uses symmetry to create a great pattern that fills the quill with geometric shapes that fit perfectly together.
I love the use of both vertical and horizontal symmetry to create an image the is identically the same design in all four conners of the quilt.
You can find symmetry in the hilt and candle of this sword, it illustrates a impressive design that adds to the overall beauty of the sword.
This Islamic textile show symmetry by recreating the same figures and design from one side to the other, giving the impression of looking at a mirrored image.
This sureal sun shows radial symmetry that adds to the overall imaginative look to this piece.
Even clothing is based on the principle of symmetry, it gives the overall outfit a bit of equality and balance to create a beautiful design.
This rug uses repeated patterns and design to make it look like a door way with painted sides.
The Piedra del Sol is the best representation of radial symmetry, it uses complex patterns and repeats the evenly through the artwork, creating a beautiful representation of the sun.
This doorway has casted figures and designs that cover it from top to bottom. These complex forms are identical in the frame in both sides. This makes this doorway more interesting to look and admire.
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