frozen utopia by brooke nguyen

Enter a world dominated by vast white plains and snow caped mountains with a variety of versatile meanings , purpose and perspectives. The exhibition consists of a collaboration of artwork where the thinly veiled beauty of snow covered peninsulas shine through in their own unique way . The order in which the work has been chronologically themed/selected in regard to colour , structure and context. Sometimes when snow holds a spontaneous and fun reputation and seen in different perspectives . " Frozen Utopia " displays how Winter can also represent the general climate , culture and connectivity to an individual and the world around them . The selection of works are different but the same each portraying a different interpretation to the next . Audio guides are included to further evaluate their in depth meanings , characteristics and purpose relating to the relationship between audience , artist , artwork and the world . An exhibition that forces an audience to consider a world where we appreciate and look beyond the word 'temperature' and open up our eyes to see how majestic the world's environment undeniably is , no matter what country . From artists including Erik Laubscher to Yi Yong-u the exhibition involving works that destroys set reputations of this season to be problematic , worrying and dangerous. So come and discover a world full of new perspectives.By Brooke J. Nguyen , Curator 

This work evidences the Post Modern Frame
Audio Guide included explaining the artwork's meaning and characteristics.
This work evidences the Cultural Frame
This work evidences The Structural Frame
The is work evidences the Subjective Frame
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