types of lines

 This gallery is about finding 10 pieces of art and finding different types of lines. Such as contour lines, individual lines, and implied lines.

This artwork uses thick, colorful lines. The lines tell me that the artwork was worked on peacefully.
The lines tell me in the piece of artwork that it wasn't like really like planned out and wasn't like neat. But the lines look pretty good. I mean I see some individual lines.
The lines in this picture tell me that this picture was peacefully drawn. They are a little bit of expressive lines that show some shading in the drawing.
The lines in this picture tell me that this drawing has more contour lines again they are very thick and dark. You can barely see any thin lines but instead you see thick and dark lines.
The lines in this drawing tell me there is a little bit of contour lines in them because they are seen directly to me and they are very thick and dark.
They have a lot of contour lines because soon as you look at the picture thats the first thing you see are those contour lines but this time they are not dark they are more colorful now.
This is a really good example to show lines because they have contour line, abstract lines, and they also have expressive lines. The expressive lines tell me that these lines were drawn peacefully.
There some expressive lines in this picture. The lines tell me that they are drawn aggressively and sort of intense. And they are also contour lines they are really dark but not that thick as the others.
In this drawing I see a lot of very thick lines but they are also very colorful but not dark. So probably some contour lines. And these lines are very peacefully drawing and not aggressive.
In this picture I see a lot of abstract lines you can't see them directly. These drawing also shows me that it also has implied lines they are not seen directly and they are bit dark and there isn't that much color
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