Nature's canvas

The many types of sunsets and natures elements that make each one unique. Artists, between 1745-1850, took their paintbrushes to the canvas, to create great works of natures art.

The colorful sunset with clouds creating a smoke like image in a large body of water, displaying waves causing a ship to rock from side to side. The principal of movement was reflected in this painting with the waves overpowering the ship. The element of color also displays a dark and cloudy mood. The color scheme has a analogous look because the dark and cloudy mood blends with the rough waves and boat. The ship's passengers are also depicted similarly in a turbulent manner. Because the colors are similar, it creates a relaxing mood.
A sunset with a cloudy and humid look. The clouds are clearing out, revealing the sunset reflecting off the water and the damp shore. The colors in this painting reflect the emotion of having something naturally beautiful happen after a dark and ugly moment. The uses of vertical, horizontal, diagonal, and curved lines bring out the many different features, like the sky, water and shore. The lines show the differentiation between the three areas.
A sunset over a beach with the onlookers appreciating nature. The sun is lowering into a shadow in the clouds, revealing the half orange/red look. You can also see the rays of the sun in the clouds while people are swimming. The organic lines bring out the relaxing mood depicted in this painting. At first glance, the focus is on the sun and the rays in the clouds. The variety of this painting keeps the attention of the viewer with the natural looking colors as well as the people engaged in appreciating the beautiful sunset.
A late afternoon, early evening with the sun setting behind a large tree. The cloud formations may be the beginning of a small rain shower. A lake house property with canoes and a sail boat taking advantage of the calm waters. Further down the lake looks to have another property. The proportion in this painting shows its realism. Being able to see the house down the lake shows its depth and attention to detail. The texture of the trees give the illusion of having a rough texture, while the water in the lake has a placid look, showing everything is calm. Rough because of the cold looking temperature. The movement of the flowing lace at the top of the sail boat gives the illusion of a light breeze.
An evening sunset with an analogous color scheme to give the illusion of a relaxing environment. The group of men look to be leading their herd to water. Also depicted in this painting, the group looks to possibly camp out for the night. The contrast in this painting stands out with dark areas giving the illusion of the sun going down and the light color reflecting in the sky.
A sunset in a country setting with a tall pagoda in the distance. Instead of canoeing during the day, when the sun is out, there are two people in a canoe getting ready to float across the lake, when the sun is going down. Another person sitting down by the water enjoying the scenery. You see a lot of organic shapes, from the tree branches and the grass. Movement was also a part of this painting. The person is in mid push, showing the illusion of pushing off the land and into the water. The ripples in the water are a sign of movement as well. This painting was proportioned very well. From the mountains in the back, the tall pagoda, the bridge, the trees and the humans, all of which are proportioned realistically for the scene.
A sunset painting with the illusions of night and day. One side of the painting shows a dark side, with the moon in the sky. The other side shows the sun setting in the distance. Though this painting may represent evening and night, it looks as if the setting is the same, with a dark cloud shown down the middle, covering the Rock of Salvation, taking away the sun light. The texture of the rippling water gives the illusion of a rough area. There are two analogous color schemes. A mixture of blues, greens, reds, oranges and yellows are the key colors for this painting. These colors are all complementary of each other.
What looks to be a greek setting, with mountains of many geometric shapes and the beautiful sun just about to set. The movement of the clouds and the water, stand out from the static elements. A human figure is shown in this painting walking on the shore, taking in natures art. The contrast of this painting with the use of dark and light colors are effective in the sense of a realistic scene. The way the sun is reflecting off the mountains, clouds and water adds to the realism. The rounded lines throughout the painting, bring out a relaxing feel.
The sun is setting behind some London architecture, while many people are using boats to arrive on to the small island. With only a few ways on and off the island, a bridge extends to the main land. With the sun setting behind the buildings, the colors of the sunset aren't shown, but we can see what looks to be colors reflecting to other parts of the sky.
A sky full of clouds, with the sun just about to set. In the distance, what looks to be a broken down home, has the rays of the falling sun giving an unfocused view. A broken down ship looks to have its passenger/s setting up shelter. With the small boat near the ship; it shows that the ship is a fixture in that area and passengers on the small boat have found significance to set up some form of shelter there. The sunset is reflecting into the lake as it shows movement with the rippling illusion. This sunset and it's colors give the entire painting a relaxed feel. The many rounded and organic lines in the sky, trees, water and ship all add to the relaxed mood. Having many clouds in the sky, it also has a cloudy & humid feel to it.
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