Printmaking 10

Lithograph: The two main elements are shape (geometric/natural) and space (Overlapping/shading). The two main principles are empasis(the clowness) and Proportion(the people in foreground/bachground).
Oil on card: The two main principles in this piece are emphasis(the clown) and variety (her pose). The two elements are form(the clown) and color(black and bright color contrast.)
Wood Engraving: The dominant elements in this print are line (in the women's clothing, the background, eyc.) and space(overlapping, size, etc.) The principles are repetition(lines) and proportion.
Oil on Canvas: The principles in the piece are movement(waves, wind, etc.) and emphasis(The figures against nature). The elements are Space(overlapping) and form(the figures).
Woodcut: The dominant elements are color(contrast) and line(contour). The principles are pattern(black) and emphasis(through color).
Painting: Prominent principles are balance(through color) and proportion(likeness in size). The elements are color(the woman's hair) and form(the two people).
Drypoint: Line and Value(shadows) and main elements, while repetition(in black and white) and balance(asymmetrical).
Ink on Paper: Main principles in this drawing are balance(through proportion) and proportion(by the likeness of two figures). Main elements are form(the figures) and space(through positioning).
Etching: The main elements are line and texture(through line). The main principles are movement(towards the vanishing point) and variety(of line).
Oil on Canvas: The dominant principles are movement(the curving river), and emphasis(on the mill); the main elements are space(overlapping) and texture(in nature).
Credits: All media
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