Expressive Lines

Simple lines expressing complex stories

This piece uses a small amount of lines, varying in shape and size to create a type of candle. A "flickering" feel. The elongation of the lines help express this form of movement.
The harsh, rapid, choppy lines create a figure that holds it own. These broken lines create a mass that carries with it mystery and a childhood fear.
This is a good example of the opposite of lines. The negatives if lines, depending on how you look at it. With it is an expression of contained and chaotic.
This piece contains a background of zig zagged lines that create movement and a foreground in which the lines are heavy and fat. This makes it seem the fatter line are coming through the painting.
The lines reflect that of nature. Creating its own "finger print", the title is clever as it is the fingerprint of a scene.
A very simple portrait created by simply broad brush strokes. It gives it a caricature sense.
In this piece, the value of the lines create a sense of depth. With the lines remaining constantly the same thickness, the overlapping and value of the lines create the depth to the piece.
Another portrait that uses simple lines to create an expressive self portrait.
This piece includes the natural forms of lines on Jade. This raised lines express an oldness and chaotic expression.
The movement and colors of these lines create a more upbeat and good feeling. The crazy lines create a liveliness and static environment.
In this photo the line work is sense not only in the positive space (the sculpture) but also the negative (the shadows). The complexity & repetitive pattern adds to the overall affect of Vacant Houses
The form created from natural materials is unlike the previous. Here the straight lines create a more solid form, a quieter, slower creature.
The jumbled lines that or both in the negative and positive space create a good sense of White Noise. The jagged lines and colors create an old sense and style.
Basic lines are used to create this complex scene which demonstrate a beautiful Venice scene. The line work compliments the feelings of romance and beauty that surrounds Venice.
The curvature of the lines along with the quick sketch of the lines expresses the feeling of sensuality. The model mirrors the curvy lines. Having both work together helps boost the expression.
Credits: All media
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