The illustrations of life

Every picture has its own meaning. 

A man struggling but keeps on going. That would probably mean that the artist was feeling the same way so he expresses his feelings in a way of not letting things get in your way.
The artist probably feels dead on the outside but has life on the inside. I see depression and sadness. i see the tears running out of its eyes its really emotional and when you see it it seems like the artist has been through a lot
The Artist I think painted this because their will be obstacles that you will have to go through in your life as your growing.I chose it because I think that everybody will not have an easy life.
It looks like the Artist maybe painted it because the Artist had a mom once that sheltered Him/Her.
The hungry man in water trying to hunt a fish struggling and reaching out and trying to survive.
Los Angeles represents the city of love and the city of passion were a lot of individuals feel the positive energy through the city of LA.
The colors are representing the beauty of the women who is reaching out to see a brighter future into her vision.
A child that is in need of a family without shelter. He is left alone with no where to go fighting the cold. He looks sad, lonely, and blue.
A man rowing through the dark world. soon his life will change just when butterflies take off to a silent and peaceful life.
Its a beautiful picture that reminds me of Arkansas. I see how peaceful it is and gives me peace of mind in my mind and soul.
I see the rainbow across the mountains. People are happy to see colors in the sky making their lives more joyful as the see brightness through the sky.
This picture represents bullying. It is shameful on how other children can be.
This man shows no fear. His animal is acting out because of hunger. He does not care and he will wait for his master to feed him.
These animals are fighting for their leadership. They want to know who will be the leader of their crew.
This man is empty minded. He has no logic, has no brain. He can not live in this world with all his emptiness.
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