Michael Day, World Citizen.

Amazing to see this so close up. Grotesque faces. Very unusual Jesus.
Angel's feathers and arrow and toes!
The blood!
The meticulous detail of his collar. I agree with the viewing notes: astonishingly lifelike.
Unexpected scene after major sky experience.
The pitcher in the picture.
What does the artist see ?
Colour. 1892!
The shin guards, the dog's face, the knight behind the city on the water...wonderful.
The star atlas, the musical score, but what is that in the foreground?
Weird baby, nice turban, blue pot belly?
Animals, red cheeks, strange ladies at rear right.
Fascinating notes re Islam, Judaism, dog collar of he "savage beast" torturing Jesus.
Martyr's palm
Like his robe, his hat and his sandals.
tears and pink
His eyes
Mysterious fantasy
Meaning ...
The loveliness of girls
Exquisitely, beautifully sad
The colours
I think she is not looking at the crucifix as said in the viewing notes. I like the lantern.
The lantern and the net in the sea...the multiple moonlit places..the birds..yes, please, will take this one.
Well, I found this guy funny...
To study....11 June 2011
She's smiling..
Notes point to the transcendent light illuminating Francis and casting shadows. I noticed the arttst's name bottom left.
The white dog
How Rembrandt saw himself aged 52
Great portrait-- his unshaved face ..his look..deep red fabric
Liked this the moment I saw it. The laughing girl, the angle of the colorful "cavalier", the window
Central figure in light
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