Claude monet and van gogh

In February 1882, Claude Monet went to Normandy to paint. This was his retreat from the pressure of his life. His Wife died 3 years earlier. France was in Economic ressesion that lowered his sales.
Monet first moved to a small village called Giverny. He bought land and built a home. He also decided to build a Japanese styled garden. He then built a river and painted a beautiful painting called Water Lilies.
Monet woke up one morning to create "Morning on The Seine". It was planned to a set time in the morning from a particular part in the river. The picture uses rich cool color.
In this painting, Monet has used rich fall, auburn colors. He is reflecting tress, the sky, and colorful flower lilies. this was created in 1917-19
One of the largest canvases van gogh has ever created in Paris. This piece of work is an example of pointillis painting technique. He applied the paint in different directions and thicknesses.
The Pink Peach Tree was originally part of the triptych, he wanted to organize the series of orchards painted in the Spring of 1888.
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