Principle of Line

This image looked like a design of grass to me at first glance. And even though grass is not usually orange-brown I still thought of it as grass showing how we still think of it as grass-like even if the colors are not all green.
The lines in this one show the work the haymaker is putting into his field and I enjoy the variety of color in the lines
This looks like something you would find in an ancient ruin. The material looks rock-like with black paint for the lines on the top of the piece.
What drew me to this work was the lines of the view of perspective as seen by the lines on the windows.
Though this painting may not have a lot of lines I think this counts because I am interested in how the formation of the sails for ships are made with perpendicular lines.
This is full of line marks with what I think is graphite. The texture in the lines and the pressure the artist used for those lines brings more from the artwork.
The way this is set up looks like something you would see under a micro cope. The transition of the white gray lines to the darker colors makes it looks organic.
Though this is script is can still be considered lines. Symbols are a formation of lines that hold value or meaning.
I like at how the cartoony look of this painting as a lot of expression in the train and the natural environment around it.
The texture of the paint makes it hard to view the environment of the painting but I think that is to show that the setting was a sketched or rough time. Almost like it is hard to hold it together.
I like the maze texture on the canvas. How some parts are blocked in to be a solid dark blue and the white lines at the top left.
Lines are used often to create human figures on a canvas. Several lines depict the detail on the figure such as hair, folds in the flesh, and texture for the skin.
The simple brush stroke of the painting is loose and bumpy giving it the sandy feature of a beach.
This looks very much like an old man's bookshelf. The lines are straight and thin like pages in a book. and the color for different chapters of a book.
A lot of red and orange color flash behind the lines that look like a sky shot of city streets.
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