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Jace Davis

I decided to put this artwork,because of its very simple, yet complex ideas and the incredible technique used when drawing the bear like figure.
I like this artwork because it has a great use of the scenery around in and takes a lot of imagination and a lot of skill to create an art piece like this.
I chose this art because I like the structure and overall creativity of the people holding up the olympic rings and if you zoom in you can see the great detail on the people's faces.
I made the decision to include this in my gallery because this artwork for the overall technique of the vase, and the marvelous details that is included in all the separate designs.
I like this artwork because it remade a classic Qing dynasty art and the landscape is very beautiful, while the incredible details and basic nature amaze me as well.
I like this artwork because of its basic nature and incredible little easter eggs planted throughout the art work and also like the idea behind the design of a mother protecting her child.
I put this artwork in my gallery because of the message it sends out and the details used in this art work are very good, with the title being good as well.
I chose this art work because of its great detail and creativity, I also feel like this artwork is a representations of the emotions and feelings of the author.
I made the decision to put this art in my gallery because of its structure and detail put into every baby, and not just focusing on the biggest object. I also like the type of metaphor behind it.
This piece is in my art gallery because of its use of terrain, meaning how it used the objects around it to create something outstanding and its overall simplicity.
Credits: All media
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