kyle and Elijah's Abstract art Collection         We chose this theme (abstract art that includes real things or represents a real thing) because we were interested in the different ways artists create abstract art. We also thought that this theme would be cool because abstract things and real things are kind of opposites. We believe that our theme says  that it is still possible to put real things in abstract art. It also says that abstract art  can become even more interesting with real things in it because it is easier to relate to. Art represents mostly feelings but also things the artist is going through.  We also learned that art  isn't just the picture it's also the way it makes you feel and react to the piece of art.

This piece gives our collection a funny, entertaining piece to start our collection. It gives a confusing feeling that is not in all abstract art pieces.
This painting contributes a more scientific central idea. It also contributes a new, more sophisticated way of representing space. It hints that the artist may enjoy the subject of space and that he enjoys making art about it (because he also has created other pieces about space).
This piece contributes a sense of messiness. It also contributes a new situation that other art doesn't like a disaster. This piece of art might express a mess the artist has gotten into. It contributes a new feeling that isn't in our other art pieces.
This piece contributes motion and a variation of colors. It uses colors in ways our other paintings and sculpture don't. It uses color to create actions that don't appear in many art pieces.
This piece by Van Gogh is a different kind of abstract art. It contributes in its own way. It shows that abstract art doesn't have to be unrealistic it can be mainly realistic but have a touch of abstract. In this case it is the way the trees and clouds look.
Credits: All media
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