Pushing the artistic boundaries      -  Mike Wilson

As you view the pieces that I have chosen, I wanted to go beyond the traditional thought of art. These pieces as a whole, represent who I am and what I'm about. I didn't create these pieces, but however, I feel though art this is me. I feel these artists have went outside the norm, but in doing so they have achieved very beautiful art pieces.

In the tattoo community, this image is a very common piece. People that are new to getting tattoos very more often than not, this is their first tattoo. I've seen this a thousand times but never knew it was created around this time period.
I always have loved street art. At an early age, I have seen masterpieces in downtown Detroit. You might as well say my upbringing was trough the art off of buildings and railroad cars. The reason I have so much of an attraction for this art is, the deep saturation of color that can be achieved is mesmerizing.
This piece caught my eye right away just from its odd ball design. Am I saying that is isn't a valid art form? No ! Just plainly was drawn toward it becuse of it being so unique.
This automatically reminded me of episodes of sesame street, where they are counting to 12. Yea, try not to count in the rhythm in which they counted it. I love how it is so plain, yet stands out so much.
I like the way they made this feel like a Woodstock band poster. Every detail in this has that feel to it. The biggest detail that makes it feel that way is, the shooting rays from behind her.
I like how this artist takes something from nothing. What I mean by that is, all this is only intertwining things to make up an image that is truly stunning.
I simply chose this because I am a big fan of Japanese art. I have numerous Japanese tattoos on my my body. I just love the stories behind the art itself. Its very interesting if you dive into it.
Once again I picked street art. In this one, The shading of it makes the eye centered on the bird of this piece. They achieved lovly colors throughout this piece.
This one is another street art piece, but I love how they incorporated 3D elements to make this art piece really pop.
In this street art piece this art is mind blowing how they could achieve the realism in the blowfish. I also like how they surrounded this art with basic colors and not over do it.
Credits: All media
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