The woman of our past and mythology - Stephaine Biggs

My gallery will represent woman of our past and mythology that is worth believing. Amongst this gallery you will find Athena, the Greek Goddess of wisdom. Aphrodite who is the Greek Goddess of love. Andromeda, the daughter of Cassiopeia and King Cepheus who was willing to sacrifice their daughter to make the sea god happy (Poseidon). You will see sculptures, statues, and paintings among my gallery.

This portrait is a mythological scene. You see angels on the clouds in the top right of the painting that are looking down at the naked woman in the grass. Behind her, the trees and city are painted smaller to show that they are farther away. The figures almost show a 3 dimensional visual image. There is one naked gentle men, two dressed woman, and a naked woman in the grass. The naked woman is being fanned by one of the woman which could suggest that she is of importance and or being healed.
In this statue, the beautiful and confident Aphrodite is leaning on a pillar. She is half naked with a toga covering her lower body. She is wearing a head piece and her left arm is up as if expecting to receive something. The statue appears to be made out of bronze. The visual elements in this art is the that she is very confident and the statue seems very detailed to show her elegance.
In this depiction, Nike, the Goddess of Victory is in a dance position. She appears to be waltzing or doing some of sort of dance. She appears to be wearing a dress with a slit or a skirt with a slit. The shape of the dress on the statue is rippled which suggests that she is in a movement of some kind, most likely dancing.
Queen Goddess Hera is standing tall and looking down as if she is addressing a room or a crowd. She is wearing an elegant gown and has a staff. The staff symbolizes authority and gives the audience the impression that she is of importance. She is holding an object that appears to be a coin which can symbolize giving grace to people.
Pallas, Athena drives away Mars. In this picture, she is appearing to be protecting someone from Mars (The God of War). Individualization of the painting, it shows very good shading and detail to the lighting which gives it a unique appearance to the eye. Mars is dressed like a soldier in this painting and Pallas is half naked which can symbolize Pallas being targeted against her will.
As in most paintings, Andromeda is chained to a rock because she is being sacrificed to the God of the sea by her father to appease the sea god and to prevent their kingdom from being destroyed. In this painting Andromeda is naked and appears vulnerable. In the bottom right you will see the bright red gown that she had been covered with.
This beautiful painting has wonderful visual elements because of all the color in this painting. The shading, contrast, and texture looks extraordinary in this art work. Perseus is confronting Phineus with the head of Medusa. Medusa was punished by Athena only for her beauty because she was forced by Poseidon in the temple of Athena. As mythology tells, Perseus battled Medusa and used her head to beat his enemy. The painting is very detailed on the people and the structures in this work. It's extremely detailed.
Artemis, the Goddess of the hunt and night. This piece of art is very detailed from the texture to the shape of the sculpture. She is in a gown and is standing up against a statue. In this statue, she has her left foot lightly rested at the bottom of the statue. Her stance suggests that she is superior and of importance. Her gown shows elegance. Holding the train of her gown can also suggest that she someone would carry this for her as she walked.
This statue as you can see was created in 1776. The statue shows the stunning Goddess of marriage. She was the faithful wife to Jupiter and the mother to Mars and Vulcan. In this statue she is beautiful, fully dressed in an elegant gown, and standing in a confident position. The Goddess is standing at a side way pose and holding her dress to show elegance. The statue has great attention to detail.
This is a statue that represents the abduction of Helen of Troy by Paris making this the beginning of the Trojan War. This statue depicts Helen being carried off against her will by Paris and a unknown character trying to stop the mighty Paris. The statue appears to be gold and bronze to add value to the historical event.
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