Virtual Exhibition By BreAnna hunter

I have chosen hyper realistic sculptures because I love and enjoy the fact that it is lifelike but taken to a much larger scale. Hyperrealism is a genre of painting and sculpture resembling a high-resolution photograph. In my opinion hyper realism is something that is very amusing and entertaining to look at. I believe that I could go to an art museum with only hyper realistic sculptures and enjoy every moment of it. Hyper realism is definitely my favorite type of art to look at.

This picture caught my eye mostly because of the vibrant colors. This woman with the laundry basket looks as if she was standing right next to me. This woman is extremely realistic.
This is done by Robert Remsen Vickrey. This is a photo titled the Study of George. It stuck out to me by the extreme amount of details included in the piece of art.
This hyper realistic picture was drawn to my attention because of the amount that is going on in this piece. The bright colors and the straight lines are very appealing.
In this hyper realism piece of art it hit me more at home. Being that my grandfather was in the army and his stories of the brothers he fought with in battle. This image is one of my favorites.
This image has a great amount of shading and texture. In this image you can see the veins of the soccer player and the wrinkles in his shirt.
This piece of artwork done by Patricia Piccinini. It is definitely one that is not usual and even took me by surprise the more I studied the image. The texture is very realistic.
This image is a gruesome one. It displays a head of a dead animal. This image is very sad and upsetting to look at. However the more you study it the more you can appreciate it.
This image is very upsetting and heart breaking. It displays a male laying on the ground and seeming to be unresponsive. This man is very skinny as if he hasn't eaten in weeks.
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