Fired Up

This gallery includes paintings that depict fire, and how different artists use different methods to depict fire.

This painting was done during a time when paintings of fires at night were popular. That is exactly what this painting represents. The fire is made to be the main focus of the piece, as it the only source of light in the image.
This painting depicts the Great Fire of London. The interesting thing about this piece is how the fire is portrayed. It is seen as towering over the buildings, and is almost manifested as a monster destroying the city of London.
This painting depicts a village that is on fire. The fire in this one is the only source of light in this piece. This one is different in that the smoke from the flames is just as important as the flames themselves.
This painting depicts the Great Fire in Asakusa. The flames are what really caught my attention in this piece. The flames are red in this painting, instead of the typical orange and yellow color.
This piece depicting the Great Fire of London is different to the other one in my gallery. It decides to show the smoke that is caused by the flames. You can't really see any flames at all, except for the color in the smoke.
This painting is different than most in my gallery. It is more abstract in that it does not depict the flames in an actual setting. Adding in the other colors to the flames, such as blue and yellow give this piece a colorful, less serious feel.
This piece shows Parliament being burned. The smoke overtakes the flames in this piece. The smoke gives the whole piece that orange color, instead of just one portion of the painting, signifying the significance of the fire.
The piece depicts the burning of the Caroline. The thing that caught my eye with this piece was the contrast between the fire and the water. They are both are shooting up in the air, almost competing with each other.
This piece was painted by a man who survived an aerial crash. The green mixed in with the orange flame gives the piece a different look than other fire paintings. It gives the painting almost an exotic feel.
This painting is another fire at night painting. This one is different as it is made up of several smaller flames providing light in the darkness. The other fire at night in my gallery has one giant flame. This one has a different feel entirely.
Credits: All media
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