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Dimitri Patino

I really like the color in this picture, I'm a big fan of simple and clean art and I feel with the combination of the color it really brings out the picture.
The color in this picture really makes it so beautiful. Also the lighting in this picture makes it stand out as well.
The perspective of this picture is really cool. I'm not even really sure what it is but I thought it was really cool.
The perspective of this picture is really awesome. Its from an angle that most people wouldn't do which really grabbed me.
The symmetry of this picture is just awesome. Its well balanced and super detailed.
The symmetry of this one is really interesting. I love when people come up with crazy things like this.
The color in this room is just crazy. But one thing I noticed was the symmetry. It is symetric but its a different take on it.
I really like this picture because of the depth. The perception of the mountain in the background is really incredible.
I love the colors in this picture. Blue is my favorite color, so I love the different shades.
The lines in this picture are really cool, they go in the same direction but a little bit different.
I like the color in this picture. One is life less and very pale, while the other one is bright and vibrant.
The color in this picture is just amazing. Who ever created this has an amazing mine, I personally would have never thought of adding green like that.
The symmetry in this picture is very interesting. I almost feel like someone painted this and then played the game where you shuffle the spots one by one.
The color in symmetry in this is very interesting. It almost looks music related but I like how it blends in together.
I think the color in this picture is amazing it almost feels like it has a japanesse style to it, which I love.
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