I read the novel To Kill a Mockingbird and throughout the novel there were a great amount of racism.This is an analysis of Racism in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. 

This photo demonstrates the awareness of racism. The "too many people like this" is away to show that some individuals are still racist, and racism is still a fixation. This relates to the novel because the town's community were racist. For example, when Atticus was defending a black man in court, his children got teased about it: even by family members.
This reminds me of how isolated they treated other races in Maycomb. In the novel it says that they lived on the outer skirts of the town. So, this foreshadows that they aren't even welcomed in town.
In the novel, Atticus was defending a black man in court. That didn't bother Scout at all, but when she got to school the children in here class teased her about it. This picture says that they should not teach racism in school because it does teach hatred.
This reminds me of Maycomb (the town in the novel) but it reminds me mostly of life in the 1930s. The authenticity of the setting, for example the horses and the peoples' clothing, reminds me of how they used to be in the time period.
Black men and women in the novel always faced racism in their lives. In the book it said if you had one drop of black in you then you were black. The novel quotes "The African-Americans have their own settlement on the outskirts of white Maycomb, and their own church and cemetery outside the city limits." I believe that this picture describes that all people are human beings and therefore they are equals.
This represents the criminal case in the novel. Bob and Mayella Ewell accuse Tom Robinson of committing a crime he did not commit. The case is taken to court, and Robinson is found as not guilty.
This represents the criminal case against Tom Robinson. Tom was convicted of a crime that he did not commit, and he was only convicted because of racism. It would not have looked good for the jury to take a black man's side over a white woman's.
Tom Robinson was kept in legal bondage. He was convicted of a crime and was sentenced to prison. Tom Robinson died trying to escape from the prison. This picture symbolizes Tom's emotional bondage.
In the novel, Atticus works with Tom Robinson and helps to defend him in court. This picture shows two families of different races working together. This reminded me ok the novel because Atticus was just trying to help Tom.
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