I chose this one based mainly because it has the appearance of glass, but also because of the blue coloring to it.
I chose this one because of the odd mixture of the translucent, smooth look of glass, and textured look of the door added into it.
I chose this one because it was made by Dave Chihuly. All of his glassworks give a good balance of order and chaos.
This one grabbed my attention because of the amount of detail that went into it. Rather than relying on color like most glass pieces, it seems to rely more on its' shape catching the viewer's eye.
This one was chosen because of its' simplicity. Also because it looks like a flask, and for some reason I love the look of glass flasks.
I chose this one because of the mixture of colors. Red and orange make very good compliments to each other in my opinion.
I like this one because of the shape of the glass, and also the varied colors.
I chose this one because of the smooth look of the glass and the look of chaos the bubbles create inside the glass. The color green also suits it well in my opinion.
I chose this one because of the smooth look of the glass and the soft coloring. I like the appearance of the shapes on the inside as well.
This is probably my favorite out of these pieces. It has a very simple look, but the color really adds depth to it.
I thought these were cool because of the patterns inside of them.
Glass dagger. 'Nuff said.
The light blue hue of the glass really compliments the conical shape of the pieces. The look almost like miniature icicles.
A glass tornado of varying colors? Yes please.
I chose this one specifically for the complexity of the design. However, I think the rough edges really take away from the overall look.
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