An Icy chill

The theme of this gallery is the season of winter.

Each artwork represents the artist’s interpretation of winter.   Not all artists use snow or the colour white to represent winter.  Symbols in nature or society in general have influenced the creating and composition of each of the pieces of art displayed.

Winter brings the chance of different sports and recreational activities.  Sporting equipment must be modified from the warmer seasons, so instead of hibernating, we can still enjoy the outdoors by still participating in our preferred sports. 

The artworks all relate to each other as they represent winter and how we feel, remember, or enjoy participating in the season.  Winter has its own beauty, which is represented in all the pieces of art, and though at times it can be harsh, the thought of skating, crystals hanging from trees, or even going out to work makes the environment around us a lot more pleasurable.

The beginning of the gallery focuses on the daily lives of people in winter and how they get by without feeling like they have to be stuck indoors.  They are making the most of the season and getting on with life.  The centre of the gallery contrasts these ideas by focusing on work and survival.  Due to all of the water being frozen, people need to wash their clothes in the rivers.  Humans have to adapt to these new conditions.  Canals need to be cleared of ice for usage, and hunting for food becomes more difficult as animals are either in hibernation or hiding someplace warm.  The last artworks display the artists interpretation of winter though sculptures and photographs.

This artwork represents the post-modern frame because of the modernism, appropriation, and graffiti (on the tree) visible in this piece of art.
WHEN USING AUDIO, HAVE FULL VOLUME This artwork represents the structural frame because of the shapes, lines, textures, colours, use of tone and form, and the composition within the artwork.
This artwork represents the cultural frame because of the place, class, society, and other cultural aspects used.
This artwork represents the subjective frame because of the expressive techniques used, emotions, and feelings that emerge within the sculpture.
Credits: All media
This user gallery has been created by an independent third party and may not always represent the views of the institutions, listed below, who have supplied the content.
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