Education: the Good & the Evil

As described in my paper, a control education is the key for oppressor to successfully keep the oppressed ignorant and obedient. I have chosen a selection of artworks that demonstrate the constraints and struggles that the oppressed face. Finding paintings of women through the male's objectifying gaze was all to easy, but I was also successful in finding visual representations of the lack of individuality produced passive thought. I also found representation of the proper, supporting nature of education that encourages society to progress as a whole.

This book that is sprouting greenery is symbolic of the knowledge and reasoning that comes from a proper education
I chose this piece because it reminded me of the lack of individuality that results from the absence of individual thought.
The pristine smoothness and whiteness of the sculpture is symbolic of the beauty and innocence women are told to are necessary to gain the respect of a man. A stance is very submissive.
This work seems to be a struggling mother who is confined by the grips of poverty.
This drawing was symbolic to me because I imagined it representing the teamwork of society. Society can only progress if they go together as a whole and help each individual to find enlightenment.
This depicts a beautiful woman that I see as being painted merely as pleasing object.
This is yet another example of the role that women are taught to fulfill. This women is dressed to perfection even while tending to children.
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