Review of Elements

I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work - Shelby Frazer

shape: The shapes are geometric and neat. The form in this picture is 3-D. There is white value and their is black value, the value completely ranges. The texture looks rough and a little bit bumpy. This art work has bright colors but it also includes very dull colors. There is an extreme amount of negative space, about half the photo is negative space
The lines in this art are diagonal. The shapes are very circular and geometric. The form is 3-D because it looks like you can touch the fruit. The value in this photo is lighter. Texture is bumpy and look uncomfortable to touch. COlors are very bright and they are mostly a pink. Space is evenly used and there is not much negative space.
The lines in this photo are very curvy and cover the whole photo. The form is 3-D because it looks like you can touch it in certain spots. The values are very light there is no dark values. The texture looks smooth and look like it would be comfortable to touch. COlors are very bright and they stand out. The artwork takes the whole page and there is barely an negative space.
The shapes are very geometric and placed nicely. The form is 3-D due to it looking like you can touch it. The values are medium to dark, there are a few dark shades. Texture is rough and ragged to touch. The colors are dull such as grey. The space is half negative.
The shapes are geometric and they are neatly done. The form of the photo is 3-D. The values are very dark, so they are toward the back of the value scale. Texture looks smooth and that your fingers could easily slid over. Colors in the photo are mostly darker brown, and their is some red, and silver. The art is in the middle of the paper but yet half of the paper is negative space
Credits: All media
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