French Rococo 

The French Rococo painting style really grabs my attention in the color choices and extreme detail that is involved with it. My choice for this topic was to mainly focus on why these photos seem to fall under the representation of the rococo style of painting.

I chose to show this painting first because out of all of the others paintings I found this one stood out to me the most. I really like the use of pastel colors against the dark background and then the pop of vibrancy in the rose color cheeks. These aspects definitely prove to be the result of a Rococo style painting along with the portraiture of aristocracy within this time period. The use of detail within her dress and the ornamental detail of the flowers and ruffles along with the seriousness really is different to the very frivolous paintings of this French period.
This Rococo style painting shows formal figures of aristocracy while enjoying leisure activities. This representation of activities proves to be a rococo style also because of the use of pastel colors and very intricate detail within the garments that they are wearing and also with the foliage in the background of the painting.
This photo really interested me in the French Rococo style painting because of the tone of the colors along with the off centering of the picture. This picture represents a French nobleman which falls under the "rules" of what defines a French rococo painting.
This painting is a great representation of rococo style obviously because of the use of pastel colors along with extreme detail within the dress, ruffles, definition of her hair and also the shades of skin tone and the light against dark within the background and the foreground.
This photo doesn't have much dark and light contrast. It shows a huge range of pastel colors. It shows a lot of contrast between pinks and blues rather than dark and light.
In this painting it shows what looks like frivolous leisure activity within an aristocratic family. This falls into the rococo category because it has happy looking people wearing very detailed garments with a wide contrast of dark and light to add texture and a three dimensional look. the use of vibrant and pastel colors helps also to add more dimension to the painting.
In this rococo painting it seems very traditional to the use of pastel colorization, aristocracy, and the use of leisure activity. The use of dimension and color really help to shape the fact that this painting belongs in the French rococo style.
In this painting it shows a very frivolous scene between a boy and a girl where they seem to be running around in a garden. This act alone allows this painting to be considered a French rococo style painting. Not only that but also the use of pastel colors and a play on dark and light in order to add dimension to the figures and also the background and surrounding areas.
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