Influence of Corruption

Jane Jacobs examines the theme of corruption in The Death and Life of Great American Cities. The people at the top don't know or care what is occurring. The corruption showcased by Jacobs is environmental. The areas with lower maintenance and support are those areas with poor living conditions. Those streets have poor sidewalks, safety, buildings and governmental support. Like, Jacobs, Dashiell Hammett's Red Harvest also exemplifies corruption. The Continental Op In Red Harvest tries to clean up corruption in the city while becoming corrupted in the process. The criminals in Red Harvest are those wealthy individuals with influence and power.The Op has very limited resources and it results with him lying, cheating and killing to achieve his objectives. The theme of corruption in Red Harvest is greatly seen in the bad characters with power, money and it leads to inequality and violence. There are no good people and the mob has all the power and money. Jacobs describes the environment to Hammett's problems.

The picture showcases a mirror that is shattered and it may not be fixable. All these kids are trying to pick the pieces up and fix it. Showcases that corruption can be unfixable. (Jacobs, 102)
I chose this because it displays chaos and corruption in an environment that is not inspected.The area showcases its problems. (Jacobs, 89)
The image works because it shows the pressure an those around are affecting this persons problem. The environment and people in it are causing chaos.(Hammett, 143)
This image works because like in Red Harvest the control and corruption is lead by those with power. The location presents the problems at hand. (Hammett, 166)
I chose this photo because it shows how hectic individuals can be when conflicts occur at once. Corruption occurs when battle of money and power happens and it decays the environment. (Jacobs, 81)
When one person does not control power and influence those with power create the environment around them. This showcases the environments strong affect on individuals and the issues. (Jacobs, 304)
I chosen this because it relates to the corruption within the system. The book shows those with power control and equality is not so equal. (Hammett,135)
The control of the mob is apparent in Red Harvest and the control of government in Jacob's book.I chose this because it displays that there always someone higher in heirarchy. (Hammett, 19)
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