One-Point Perspective

foregrounf: the columns and the floor Middleground: the staircase background: the arch leading into the city
Foreground: the space leading up to the stairs Middleground: the stairs going up Background: after the stairs come to an end there is a pattern behind it
Foreground: Sidewalk Middleground: The arch of the background Background: the sky and the rest of the city
Foreground: the river going through the town Middleground: the buildings leading up to the background Background: the buildings and the sky
Foreground: The dog Middleground: The table and the floor Background:The people walking and talking in the back of the painting
Foreground: the people talking and the horses riding around town Middleground: The start of buildings Background: The rest of the buildings and the sky
Foreground: the edge of the boat and the horses and people walking. Middleground: the boats going down the river Background:all the homes and the rest of the city behind it
Foreground: The floor leading up to the rest of the Church Middleground: The columns and the arches in the back Background:the town that you can see through the arch.
Foreground: the start of the trees branches and leaves Middleground: More of just the branches and them all meeting up to the middle Background: the moon and the sky behind the trees.
Foreground: the sidewalk and the trees in front of the building Middleground: the people walking in front of the building Background: the building and the sky
Credits: All media
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