Pakistan and Nepal Culture!


Id really like this art because its simple and very colorful, another thing I like its that it shows what real life is.
Id Like this cool art Its represents Buddha with the Nepal God, I though was really cool it shows the diferences but also it shows that they have like similarities.
This picture I though It was really awesome Shakyamuni its Nepal god and I like its forms it has too many hands, I just think its awesome and very difficult to build.
I choose This image because I think art its very important and also because if we explore the image the person on the bicycle represents like What Nepal persons have to wear.
This mural its nice, its about peace and I think this its really important to the world.
I Choose this Image Because it shows that people has always used items to cook.
I Really like this mural because I think the colors really represents Pakistan Culture and also I think it looks really awesome.
I Really like this image because I think jewerly has always been made and I though it was a really cool necklace.
I choose this image because it shows perfectly what the women since ancient years have to wear.
This painting is really cool I really like the colors.
Credits: All media
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