Colors of love - juan antonio pacheco

What is love, but a feeling ? Is it right, or wrong to love something or someone ? How to distinguish ? This art gallery will show paintings with points of view of several artists on how they could represent love.

Nature is al around us. We can not live with out it even if we would like to. That is how love works sometimes with our girlfriend, wife, husband, or couple. We feel we can not live with out the other. In the image we can appreciate a mix of both nature and love between individuals. They are deep in the forest trying to be alone to enjoy of each other. Maybe they have an affair, they just want privacy, or they are just taking walk on the woods. But it is clear that they are together.
It is an after war scene where survivors are trying to get home. Others, are trying to find either survivors or beloveds. Why there was a war ? A lot of historical wars have been made because of love. This might be one of those. At the end, the result is the same; death. However, even with the darkness of the picture, we can appreciate hope reflected on the strength the old man with his cane. If there is hope, there is love.
Fear is the opposite of love. Fear comes with loneliness, and, in the image, the women is all alone. Maybe waiting for the love if her life. Maybe waiting for someone to come back from war. The point is that, love is what keeps her waiting that loneliness. Her hand on her face gives the look she is worried, alone, and thinking about someone.
At the very back of the image, there is a man leaving a women. In this case, it is a heart breaking scene for her. However, it is love what makes her feel that. Otherwise, it wouldn't matter to her. As for the front scene, it is a women spec'ing to have better luck, on what ? Could be love.
As usual, the man is the one that need to do the move. We can appreciate a men talking with a women trying to convince them or make her happy. Most of the times, it is love what gives us the courage to talk to the girls. It is a classic and more antique way to talk to a girl. Fancy clothes and high class attitude.
In the image we can see a women at his dead master feet weeping. It is believe that when love is pure and true, not even death can stop our hearts beating for that person we loved. It doesn't matter in which way we loved him or her, we won't stop loving them.
We can appreciate how the men is protecting the women whit his clothes or sheets. He is also giving her a kiss in the cheek and demonstrating that he loves her and he is protecting her. They are all in gold color meaning pureness. Also, the way the gold bed sheet is different than the bed. The bed is painted with circles whereas the bed sheet is made of squares.
We can se a lot of black color playing with the rest of the colors like blue, green, pink, and orange. The image shows a man seducing a women. It looks like they are dancing. It seems that the man is in love of the women, and the woman is enjoying how the man is talking to her.
Sometimes love is meant to be, but we are not able to share it with the person we want. In the painting, we can see two persons separated by bird cages. It seems they are not allowed to be together even though they love each other. However, the little bird is free. This could be a meaning of hope for them.
We can see that the man is holding a women that just died. Even though she just died, she is more bright than the rest of the painting. It seems to be a meaning of huge importance to the man. It is true love the one that even after death stays and never goes.
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