It's a thin Line Between...

Exploring the design principle line.

The lines are thin but do a really great job at defining the shapes
The lines in this painting almost makes the shapes they surround have a 3D effect.
The lines in the art are used to design multiple shape as they span across the canvas
In this painting the lines really characterizes some of the elements, giving them shape and making them recognizable.
The lines in this painting look like drop shadows but still define the edges and curves.
The lines give the element in the painting a more human look by outlining the more recognizable features.
The element in this painting are recognizable enough not to have an outline, but they bring emphasis to that do have them.
The lines in the picture define the human characteristics of some of the elements
The lines in this painting adds the the detail such as the wrinkles and texture
This painting is basically made of lines going many different directions and swirling
The lines in this painting seem the sketch out the buildings in the background
The line in this painting add shadow effects for the creasings
This is my favorite not many lines the the little that are in init really bring the boats to focus
the line in this painting are thick but really fit and don't overwhelm
The lines shape elements making them distenct from others
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