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The mythogic nature in women

This image was drawn by Dosso Dossi, till this day no one really understands what the message within this image really means. The Greek god Pan was trying to show his lust for the lovely lady by playing the music with the pipes.
This image comes from the story of Metamorphoses. Jupiter hid himself to try make the princess Europa fall in love with him. Jupiter did this, so he could take her name. This painting has a very dramatic texture, but gives a very good perspective as to what is happening.
The beautiful venus was drawn back in 1555. With cupids touch, her heart would melt with love and venus would show off her body but at the same time hide it.
The theme of this image looks as if the women is pushing Cupid away. This might be because, she doesn’t want to be in love or it looks as if she is scared of being attacked by Cupid’s arrow. The background of this image shows a good contrast for how the women is feeling through the clouds.
Drawn back in 1555-1557, Saturn the old man sitting in the middle, surrounded by people trying to buy his love and attention. This is accompanied by both the goddess Demetra, who is the mother of Earth.
This image appears to have a dark meaning. The god of sexual attraction ends up falling in love with Psyche. He only visits at night and hides his identity to try to get her to love him with every touch.
This image is very powerful. The goddess of love; Venus is accompanied by her handmaidens, but is stopped by the handsome Mars, the god of war. Using his shield as a mirror, he allows all the ladies to able to see how beautiful they are in the reflection.
This image was painted back in 1700-1710 and shows a very detailed texture in the image. The within movement in this picture shows that Omphale looks very happy. This is because she bought Hercules to be her servant for 3 years, as well as being the stepfather to her sons when he lived with her.
This painting is very interesting. Diana is sitting naked looking as if she is calling for someone. The women around her appear shocked when they look at who she maybe pointing too. It looks as if music might be playing in the background, because one of the women appears to be dancing.
This image portrays Adam and Eve. Although many people many argue that this image isn’t mythological, I decided to add it anyways because of the snake in the trees. The snake appears to have the head of a women. Eve looks to be feeding Adam an apple. Possibly one of the forbidden fruits.
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