Katie Burney SBU Sculptures

This is a collection of sculptures that I really enjoyed. All of them are different from each other and express different techniques used.

This sculpture is made by an unknown person which intrigues me because we will never know why this artifact was made. All we can do is just admire the skill that it shows.
I chose this sculpture of Lafayette because when I saw this all I could think about was the musical Hamilton! Lafayette was a brave general from France who helped the US during the Revolution.
The second my eye caught these next to sculptures I was so amazed. They just look so cool and I had to add my two favorites ones. I will add more information about the artist in the next picture.
Koh uses two-dimensional photography and creates holographic three dimensional construction. He uses a heat gun to form the sculpture shape.
"A work depicts a monster-like human being who sees the world with fear sitting in a crown's hat." I didn't see that when I looked at this. I'm not really sure what I thought but it wasn't that.
Credits: All media
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