The color fits nicely

These are pieces that captured me because of their color. The rich color really ties the work together.

The colors play an important role. Viewing the painting the main character of the piece is the only one with a vivid and vibrant color drawing your eye to him.
The richness of the colors leap off the page and draw the viewers eyes along the script. The illustrations are beautiful and hold significant meaning.
The colors make this piece more enjoyable and drag the viewers eye around the wheel.
This entire piece is tied together by the color. This is my favorite piece.
The colors are very earthy and not clean. They look like what would happen in nature.
This room is like a mess of unsaturated colors. I love it.
The piece is like a colorful take on a waterfall, you have to look at it with an abstract mind.
It's kind of funny and clever the way the flags and colors were used to show the distinct regions.
I love the color, it's realistic and rough, there is no solid color it is a mix of grays, shadows, and tints.
The design and color are crisp and vibrant, it makes an enjoyable piece to view and personally I wouldn't mind wearing it if I could.
There is no one color but a splash of many colors. The colors bounce off of one another and spin a tale. It reminds me of pure imagination and street art, flow that was unhindered by filters.
What I see when I look at this piece is an ocean. I see the sun and sky being swallowed by a sea of colors. Just like the actual ocean there is no one color.
This speaks volumes by just using one of the most vibrant colors with the absence of color and the abundance of color.
The piece seems to only have one color, red. It makes the piece look violent and tragic.
It uses complementary colors with whites and darks. I love the picture itself but the color is what drew me to this piece among all the others.
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