The Austrian Experience During World War I

Meghan Eze

I found this artifact interesting because the lottery motivated people to donate money to the war effort. People are often more willing to give to a cause if they can gain something from it.
I find this propaganda piece interesting because the colors used on the picture sheet flow very well together making it very appealing to the eye. The colors used on this particular piece show the artistic techniques of the time.
I find this picture interesting because it shows that all soldiers were cared for even if they were injured. This picture also shows that war officials felt that it was necessary to assure the public that victims of war were still being taken care of.
I find this paper seal interesting because it shows that there was a lot of interest in the new King and Emperor of Hungary. This artifact also helped to popularize Karl and show him in a positive light.
I find this announcement interesting because it shows a modern practice of energy conservation being implemented into Austrian society.
I find this advertisement poster interesting because it shows that even the way children played with toys was changed by the war effort. Instead of castles fortresses were built.
I find this picture interesting because it shows that life in the trenches was made as comfortable as possible for the soldiers. Leisure areas were implemented to make the experience more bearable.
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