“All that we are is the result of what we have thought”

"All that we are is the result of what we have thought" is a famous quote by Buddha, and a very powerful one as that. My exhibit's topic is Buddha himself along with the religion Buddhism and symbols that represent them both. You can expect to see various Buddha portraits and sculptures and big pieces that are bright and colorful with many things going on within each piece. I am not a Buddhist, but I do live by the words of Buddha each and every day to live through and strengthen my mind, body, and soul. For example In my exhibit I have the piece "Seated Bodhisattva" by Japanese representing the common meditation pose that Buddhist use in their religious acts. Also, "The view of the Gardens and Buddhist Temple.." by Felice Beato is an extraordinary photo of a real temple and garden which gives you the best example of what Buddhist do their duties of strengthening their beliefs and lives in their own way. This topic is something that is truly important to me because some quotes and some inspiring acts have gotten me through rough patches in life. I want to share with people my personal beliefs and experiences with art that I am passionate about so this is my Art Exhibit and I hope you let your mind wander and enjoy it.

This particular artwork was added to my collection because it is one of the woman of Buddhism representing knowledge, sex, and love. She was to be said a very passionate one and that is something I admire about her and I have always been an admirer of "love" as well. In addition to that, this piece really caught my eye because the colors are full of contrast letting Kurukulla really be noticed and pop out. I think the red, which is her original color, goes really well with the navy blue and the orange/yellow accent. The piece is very appealing to my eyes, and means a lot to me in the fact that she is a woman I can be inspired by two of the things she represents. 
Even though this photo doesn't have direct representation of Buddha or Buddhism, it represents all of those things to me in a bigger picture. What I have learned is peace within your body, in your mind, and within your soul is the true way of finding happiness. The words that Buddha has said all represent doing good things for good karma, and how to handle situations the mindful and in the most peaceful ways. "Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without." This is one of my favorite quotes from Buddha and when I found this picture I automatically thought about it so I could add it to my gallery and show what I meant by it. Peace within yourself, with make the world around you peaceful to an extent. 
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