Emphasis/Focal Point

The lines in the brick create strong directional lines that lead to the focal point at the end of the path
The bright red stands out amidst the surrounding dark colors of the man's uniform, instantly drawing attention
The lack of emphasis on a particular area allows us to get lost in the work. The pattern of figures and colors aids in reducing areas of emphasis
The reflection in the water is the focal point because it disrupts the visual harmony of the calm green water
The distance of the opening in the cave gives a feeling of depth and emphasizes the focal point
The girl's arms and legs are visually connected to her body and converge toward her brightly-colored face, making her face the focal point
The candle-light illuminates the man's face, as the contrasting darkness accentuates his face even further
The moon attracts our attention because of its location (almost directly in the center of the picture) and defined shape and size
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