Art Element: Shape

This gallery features the difference between geometric and organic shapes and how they are seen in different pieces of art. The difference between shape and form is also evident in these pieces of art.

This is a clear illustration of using a geometric shape as the focal point of the painting with organic shapes framing the bottom.
This artist used both geometric shapes with regular lines such as the brown triangle in the upper left as well as many organic shapes to make the artwork chaotic.
This crown is an example of a form because it is three-dimensional and the parts that are farther away appear smaller. However this crown also has both geometric and organic shapes.
The way that the ball on the bottom of the cross appears larger to viewer shows an example of form. This artwork also contains both geometric and organic shapes.
This dish itself is an example of a form. However, this dish also serves as a great example of containing organic shapes inside of a geometric shape.
This painting is a wonderful illustration of a form in how the front buildings appear much closer and having lines that angle back to show multiple sides of buildings. This image has largely pronounced geometric shapes in the buildings that contrast with the organic shape of the clouds.
In this painting the clouds and trees are organic shapes that contrast the geometric shape of the building.
This is a perfect illustration of organic shapes that are framed by geometric shapes which bring more attention to the originality of the organic shapes.
Because this is a three-dimensional object that is depicted it is said to have form. However, the form contains many geometric shapes that create pattern.
Although the tiles themselves are forms, the geometric shapes of squares surrounding the organic shapes on the tiles themselves brings attention to the organic shapes.
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