Taylor Keller

Pattern This piece is a great example of pattern because of the way the triangles and black and white colors are placed in this red rug.
Contour Line The is a great example of Contour Line because the outline of the elephant was sketched then the details were applied
Color- Complementary The artist uses the colors blue and orange ti complement each other and make a simple piece of artwork pop.
Balance - Radial This is a great example of Radial Balance because the pattern begins in the middle and moves to the outer edges of the piece.
Movement/ Motion This is a good example of movement because the ripples in the yellow portion of the painting seem as if they were moving.
Pattern/ Repetition This bed-cover is an excellent example of pattern and repetition because the squares in it are placed in a way that they form a pattern.
Color- Arbitrary This piece of artwork is a wonderful example of arbitrary color because the house is not green in reality.
Color- Analogous Analogous color is the blending of like colors. This is a great example of analogous color because this painting consists of different shades of blues and greens that are all like colors.
Implied Line This is a good example of Implied Line because he is obviously looking and pointing at something. This piece makes you wonder what he is looking at.
Space- Negative The holes in this sculpture are an excellent example of negative space.
Emphasis This picture is a great example of emphasis because when I look at this piece of art my eyes go straight to the castle.
Proportion This is a great example of proportion because the fish is portrayed as much larger than it really is.
Balance- Symmetrical This is a n excellent example of Symmetrical Balance because if you divided it down the middle it would be the same on both sides.
Representational This is a great example of representational art because you can place yourself into the picture.
Form This piece is a good example of form because in this type of non objective art the content is its form. Therefore, the the relationship between the different color bottles, how the bottles are placed in the piece, and the spiral metal rod make up the form.
Value- Chiaroscuro This is an excellent example of Chiaroscuro value because it takes a flat surface and uses shadowing and shading to create a 3-D effect.
Color- Perceptual This is a good example of perceptual color because these are the colors I think the artist would see in the morning as the sun is coming up.
Space- Foreshortening The tigers head in this picture is much bigger than his body. The tigers body has been shortened.
Space- Illusion of Depth This is a flat canvas that the artist manipulated to create the illusion of height and depth.
Shape- Geometric This is a great example of geometric shape because it ties in a bunch of different geometric shapes.
Texture- Actual This is a great example of actual texture because in reality there is a hard spongy texture to it.
Value- hatching/cross-hatching Look at the details in the windows and on the the walls. This is a great example of hatching and cross-hatching.
Outline This is a great example of outline because the artist has drawn an outline of the building.
Texture- Implied The paint in this picture has been manipulated to look as if it was textured.
Contrast The dark colored bear against the light colored tree adds contrast to the painting, and makes it pop.
Variety This is a Great example of variety because the artist uses different angles and different sequence of color to creat the artwork.
Scale This is an excellent example of scale because in reality the size of the waves would be much larger and the turtle would be smaller, But this painting shows the strength the turtle has in fighting the sea waves,
Unity This is a great example of unity because even though the different pieces are not in a perfect line they are still look the same.
Abstract This is a great example of Abstract art because it appears to be unorganized.
Balance- Asymmetrical This is a good example of Asymmetrical balance because of where the spheres are placed in the piece of art work.
Value- Monochomatic This is an excellent example of monochromatic value because it expresses all the different tones of a grey color.
Emphasis- afocal This is an excellent example of afocal emphasis because it makes your eyes wander.
Non-representational This is a great non-representational piece of art to me because to me it is meaningless.
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