Gentle Beasts

gentle beasts is all about how some deadly creatures can be and look gantle. the beasts that i am talking about are big cats. big cats enspire me with their beauty and

these two tigers look very cute but are furocious . they seem to be girls and sisters. the tigers seem very cute and gentle but are dangerous hunters.
this picture is like Tigers wichis two pictures behind it. this picture too is very cute and adorable.i think that this picture was painted first and the idea was stolen by Charles Towen. so that it woulden't look like he had stolen the idea, he put another tiger into the photo and painted it in colour. Or John Dixon asked Charles to do the same picture in colour and with another tiger.
the details are wonderful. the artist has done a wonderful job. they are very old but fabulous condition. this had to be in my gallery because of its fine detail and its beauty.
this tiger is beautifully painted with black ink. Yang has done a beautiful job at inking it. the tiger seems to be scared but doesn't want to attack the thing it is scared at. i think that it is the inked strips that really bring out the tiger. the eyes just look ghostly.
i love this painting because it shows great care. the mother tiger will allways love her children and care for them. but when it comes to protecting them she will fight to the death for them. this is a well detailed painting and i felt that it had to go in my gallery because of its beauty.
this is a mythical painting showing three of the gentle beasts but in this painting the beasts are not so gentle. the lion is on the right hand corner and seems to be hurt. the leopard is getting ready to attack and the tiger is trying to defend it self. the centaur is trying to kill the tiger. personally, i think it is pleasure to the three beasts working together, even if it is in a painting.
this painting shows how cruel some men can be. these poor cats are working together but still cannot defeat man. this had to be in this gallery because it shows that when man decides to be the boss, not even the three cats put together can beat him. this is beautifully painted with fine detail but is cruel picture.
this painting show how loving big cats can be. the cubs are mix breed of a lion and a tiger. the painting is done wonderfully and is detailed. i put this painting in my gallery because it shows how nice they can be.
this scetch is of two seated lion. the lions look very magestic and gentle. when a prey isaround they show their true colours. i believe that the artist has scetched this very well. you can some how tell that the lions are shading under a tree just by looking at the scetch.
this pictures shows how gentle the beasts can be. the lion is being very gentle towards the gypsy which why it links to my gallery.this picture makes me feel very majestic as these creatures themselves.
this picture shows how beastly the gentle giants can be. the travaler or fighter is getting akkacked by the tiger and i believe that the tiger has great hunting skills, wich also why i have included it.
the three lion seem to be a family of three. the male and female seem to be playing with the cub. this design is very unique as i have not seen a single vase with this design on it. this picture makes me feel calm and relaxed. it shows that animals can be like us, playful and friendly,
the beasts can be so terrifing that even horses are scared of them. this painting is beautiful because of its background. at first i didn't see the lion untill i looked closer. i chose this painting because of its beauty.
i quit like this painting because it show deadly a lion can look when it is ready to attack. the lion like before is well hidden to catch its prey.i chose this painting because it shows how gracefully a lion hunts.
there are three painting of horses getting scared by lions. lions are very majestic creatures and hunt with tactic.this scetch is wonderfully drawn with a lot of detail. even the background is scetched beautifully.
this painting is showing the lion being a beast. the way lions eat is terribly beast like. it has a lot of detail and colour. i have this in my gallery because it clearly shows how beast like a lion can be.
lions are so brave that even the ancient egyption shad a god with lion head. the egyptions carvesd this well. this looks like a monument from a temple. it beautiful and majestic.
lions were so brave that people put statues of them in frount of important buildings.this is a very old statue but statues like this are still in use. this statue is detailed well.
this is a mosiac on the wall and it explains the concept of beasts . they can be gentle but also can be deadly. it fits in with the rest of the pictures because this explains the concept of deadly. i myself think that this is a marvolous mosiac
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