He used color by using analogus colors like blue and green. Another type of color sheme he used is monocromtic for the different colors in the backround.
He used value for the birds because there are different tins of brown and black.He also used color in away that the colors are nutral.The other element he used is space how the eagles are close and the building is far.He also used space because because of the grass and branch there on.
He/She used lines for the design on the elephants body. The artist used lines for the trunk of the elephant it looks like flowers. This artist also used shape for the elephants body He/she used geometeric shapes. Then he or she used organic shapes for the trunk.
She used texture because of the way she made it pops out. She used it in another way by sowing that it looks like it has texture.Then she used form from the pinch pot is the body and the coil is the teeth. Then the slap is the feet on it.
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