Cities & People

This collection shows different pieces of how people and cities are portrayed. Over the time line of civilization has some type of painting or photograph or some sort of people in that city or how people saw their city or cities they have been to. Some pieces have a different perspective than others like a city that looks warped or surreal because maybe that's how the artist saw and felt about that particular city or the people in that city. The art looks different over time and where it comes from sometimes to. 

Showing the everyday life with transportation and the difference from underground to the city level.It shows a lot of space in the painting. The people wear a lot of expression on their faces as well.
A drawing done with pen and brown ink, brush with brown wash,over black chalk,white heightening, on blue paper.A group of Roman soldiers and a boy running beside them carrying a model of their city.
This is a painting done in 1915. A tiny city where houses are side by side. It has a warped crowded feeling to it and many earthy tones to it as well. You can see clothes lines and water in the back.
A picture taken in 1899 in NY,NY. People walking in a blizzard. You can tell this is an original picture and the style of people in that time period.The city wasn't populated or any transportation yet
A German drawing done in 1554-55. It is an imagined city that is built up into the mountains. Showing a landscape that is vertically up onto the mountains. It has a majestic feel to it and a big city.
A city park full of relaxation. Painted with lots of greens and happy colors. Showing the people of the city in a positive way as they enjoy their city. The shadows have cool colors mixed as well.
A painting of a huge city scape. It is a bird's eye view of this city. The style looks very surreal and warped but almost as real as a photograph. Lots of greys like concrete and spots of city color.
Another bird's eye view but this time of children playing in a town. It goes into an urban scene to a rural scene in the distance. Children playing all different types of games.
People in a city market. It has an urban feel to it. Showing a young girl waiting a table. It has a lot of darks and city colors to it. Seems like it was a fairly popular market for this time.
A painting done from a higher story looking over the city of Warsaw.It looks realistic for the time. It has a very calm tone to it and the colors show it might be late quiet afternoon in the city.
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